Mrs. Obama Convention Fashion: “Unconventional”

The Dress: “Our first lady is spectacular,” the designer Diane Von Furstenberg tweeted, which was one affirmation in a line of many that her dress, though unconventional (in that it certainly didn’t keep with the blue or red standard themes of convention), wowed the crowd. The designer of the dress was Tracy Reese.

The Arms: Unlike Ann Romney, wife of Republican challenger Mitt Romney, the First Lady is known for going bold with her arms. As a workout queen, she certainly has the right to “bare arms,” as they say. And she exercises that right, quite well. She exposed her well-toned arms nicely as she gave her rousing DNC speech.

The Hair: Need we say more? A flawlessly coifed, bouncy, beautiful crown of hair graced Mrs. Obama’s face.

The Makeup: Interestingly, the First Lady’s makeup artist went for very sweet, pink, gentle tones (rather than heavy, darkened ones), and the condition of her skin is simply amazing. A well-moisturized look helped to bring out the brightness of her tones, and highlight her eyes. Her lip gloss = amazing

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