McDonald’s Employees Feud Over $218.6 Million

According to reports, 14 McDonald’s employees from Baltimore, Maryland are suing their co-worker, Mirlande Wilson (pictured here), over a $218.6 million lottery ticket from the McDonald’s Mega Millions pool.

The McDonald’s workers say that the winning ticket is partly theirs and Wilson is playing dirty money. Wilson made headlines back in April when she claimed she had the winning ticket but then backtracked and said she had lost it.

Three educators from the area, also known as “The Three Amigos,” then stepped up and claimed they had the ticket. “Lottery officials declared them the legitimate winners and Wilson’s actions were dismissed as a hoax,” reports The Huffington Post.

The workers however, argue that Wilson had the ticket the whole time and tricked the amigos to cash their winnings. The suit also claims that after dividing smaller shares to the amigos and her lawyer, Wilson then kept a larger share for herself.

The lead plaintiff in the case, Dominique Gourdet, argues that he was Wilson’s live-in boyfriend at the time, and she allegedly confessed to him about deceiving the three Maryland educators. “She had the winning ticket and showed him pictures of it on her cell phone. And she conspired with the educators and her lawyer to claim a heftier share of that one ticket. In total, the payout for that winning number across the country was $656 million,” reports The Huffington Post.

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