Michael Strahan Debuts ‘Live’ With Kelly Ripa

On Tuesday, Michael Strahan, former NFL player sat beside Kelly Ripa on ‘Live!’ (and replaced Regis Philbin) following nine months of on-air tryouts. What a hot, steamy addition to morning television, some say!

According to USA TODAY:

“Among 59 substitutes — some auditioners, others just filling in for fun — “there was definitely something special” in their chemistry, says Michael Gelman, executive producer of the newly retitled Live With Kelly & Michael. “They’re able to have this fun, and they have a shorthand together, and it just works,” he says. “Having him come back all these times made it easier.”

Reports say that Michael Strahan, who is 40 years old, brought along his fiancée, Nicole Murphy (Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife), for support.

Have no fear, sports lovers, Michael will indeed continue to host Fox NFL Sunday.

He said that he would be commuting to Los Angeles on the weekends during the fall season, and then back to New York to be with his “new TV wife” (meaning Kelly Ripa–who by the way is married.)