Martin Scorsese Sued For Not Filming

According to TMZ, a film company by the name of “Cecchi Gori Pictures” is suing the living daylights out of the esteemed film director, Martin Scorsese, because they allege that he has failed to make a movie they jointly agreed to make 22 years ago!

Cecchi Gori is a known film producer responsible for movies like ‘Seven’ and ‘A Bronx Tale.’ He reportedly said that he and film great Martin Scorsese were supposed to film a movie called ‘Silence,’ all the way back in 1990. Yikes.

According to reports, he claims that Martin Scorsese put the movie on the back burner to film hits like ‘The Departed,’ ‘Shutter Island’ and ‘Hugo.’

TMZ says that, according to Cecchi’s lawsuit, “Scorsese paid for the right to do each of those films before ‘Silence’ — but never forked over the hefty fee for ‘Hugo.’

The suit alleges Scorsese owes Cecchi a flat fee of $1.5 million, plus the value of his producer title on ‘Hugo’…PLUS 20% of his back-end on ‘Hugo’– which you gotta figure is considerable since it was nominated for 11 Oscars and won 5.

According to the docs, Scorsese previously reached an agreement [with Cecchi] in 2004 to make ‘Silence’ his next movie.”

Obviously, we haven’t heard of this ‘Silence’ movie coming out any time soon, because apparently, Scorsese will be working with Leonardo DiCaprio to make ‘Wolf of Wall Street.’ Cecchi can’t take the delay anymore, reportedly, and he’s suing for a portion of every dime Scorsese makes on other films, until the two of them sit down and make them some ‘Silence.’

Well, then! This so-called ‘Silence’ better BE worth every dime moviegoers pay to go see it–if it ever gets made, let alone released in theaters