Jennifer Williams Admits Maxwell Is Her New Boyfriend

Jennifer Williams is finally on the dating scene! After she posted a picture of her night out at the club with singer Maxwell, everybody was hyped up and wondering if these two were together or not. Tweeters had a field day with this one… So Jennifer thought she’d play more minds game with us and tweeted:

“I hope my boo feels better soon..” There’s no @_Maxwell_ which means there are still questions left unanswered. Are we sure she’s talking about him in this tweet? Interestingly enough, Maxwell had tweeted the day before that he had a “summer cold.” Coincidence? I think not.

There you go folks, Jennifer finally found herself a boo thing. Maybe with this new man in the picture she and Evelyn can REALLY make up and go on double dates and whatnot? Maybe even a cameo on Ev and Chad’s spinoff show? What do you think?