Snooki Plans For A Boob Job After Giving Birth

According to AceShowBiz, Snooki wants to have a complete transformation after giving birth to her baby boy, and she’s going to start it off by getting a boob job. Looks like someone enjoyed the kudos of being pregnant–her bra size has recently jumped from a C to a D. But since she’s going to lose a lot of the extra breast size after breastfeeding, Snooki is determined to lie on the surgical table.

After giving birth, Snooki is hoping to drop right back into her slim ninety-eight pound figure, according to AceShowBiz. Can you just imagine the 4’9″ star with D cup breasts at ninety-eight pounds? Sounds like an unhealthy stick-Barbie to me! Also, how is she going to handle such a big self transformation while taking care of her baby boy? Maybe Snooki is a little too preoccupied with herself to have enough time for her child.