Chris Brown Joins The Illuminati?

Now, if you have been living under a rock and never heard of the Illuminati allow us to explain. The Illuminati is an alleged secret society that supposedly involves devil worship and sorcery. The powers that govern this secret group are rumored to not only be responsible for the mega stardom of a long list of politicians and celebrities (nearly all of them if you believe the reliable word ’round YouTube) but also are the forces that rule the entire world.

Many hip-hop celebrities are, rumored to be, tied to the Illuminati. Some of these artists display symbols associated with the group in music videos, personal appearances, photos etc. The latest celebrity to have seemingly jumped on the Illuminant bandwagon is, none other than, Chris Brown. Brown recently got a tattoo, which depicts a serpent, which has a red triangle with an eye in it at the end of its tail. This red triangle with the eye in the middle is believed to be “the evil eye”, a prominent symbol in occultism, particularly the elite Illuminati.

Hmmm? Is Chris brown “openly” pledging his allegiance to this secret group, which no one can conclusively proves exists? Or is this just an innocent expression of artist creativity? We will probably never really know.