Nas Discusses His Changed Outlook On Women

It seems rapper Nas has taken time to evolve during his time away from the spotlight, all hail The Don. We sure do love a BOY in the rap industry who grows into a MAN. Nas recently did a cover story with COMPEX magazine to promote his tenth album titled “Life Is Good,” which is in stores July 17, and dished on all the rumors surrounding the women in his life, the cheating scandal with ex-wife Kelis, his supposed money problems, and even mentions a few words about our First Lady.

When asked about his rough split with Kelis, he said it was definitely a troubling time because he had to accept that he had “failed” at their relationship, and the fact that their divorce became very public did not help either. As for his new perception of women, Nas says: “I’m taken aback by the beauty of women. There was a time when I only saw big breasts and thick asses. Now, I see the beauty in the subtleties. Those are even better than the tits and ass. The aesthetics have changed for me.” CHEERS TO THAT! *Looks around room for more men like Nas*

So who might be the most beautiful woman to Nas? Mrs. Michelle Obama of course, because “she cares about people. All first ladies have their jobs to do, but you can feel her sincerity.”

The negative image and suppression of women is problematic factor of the hip hop world, where women are often referred to as “bad b*tches.” However, there are some women who refer to themselves as “bad b*tches” as a hallmark to their independence and success, in which Nas says the “bad b*tches” he talks about are not always the video vixens but a woman “who’s cool as hell, smart, and has great motherly qualities—or has great motivational skills, or is a powerful mover and shaker in her own career.”

What do you guys think about Nas’ growth as a man in the rap industry? Leave your comments below and check out the full story